Bubblegum Kiss Project ready for Europe

Toy Magtaas' Happy Valentine project 2010


Photographer Toy Magtaas explores the themes of intimacy, attraction, and personal boundaries using an innocent everyday item – bubblegum. In December 2009 he stopped real-life pairs from all over the world and playfully posed the question, “Would you share a piece of bubblegum with the person you’re with?” In the Bubble Gum Kiss Project series, he provokes us with just how innocent or sexy the sticky substance can be. Do you love the person you’re with right now enough to put their gum in your mouth?

The Bubblegum Kiss Project photo series (7 feet x 3 feet max photo blow up) will debut in a public outdoor exhibit from Feb 14 to 20 at various locations around the Hey Jude Beach Front, Boracay Island, Philippines.

Toy Magtaas started out as an event photographer in Manila. He has covered big parties like Chicane, Paul Van Dyk, Gatecrashers... From party coverage, he ventured into commercial photography that leads to accounts like Unilever, Metrobank, Shangrila Hotel Makati, Total Gas Company, Nivea Men's Skin Care.

After 8 years of working in Manila, he decided to go abroad and worked for one of the biggest publishing companies in the Middle East- Media Leader. He conceptualized and shot advertorial campaigns for Chanel, Saks Fifth Avenue, Sephora, and Harvey Nichols.
Toy Magtaas is currently based in Boracay, Philippines and enjoying his freedom by being a stock photographer.

EuropeanCultureForum  www.kfe.de (KulturForum Europa) found out about the congenial artist and his impressing warm interpersonal photographies. We are ready to infect Europe with Toy Magtaas' Kisses.(Dieter Topp)
Toy Magtaas
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